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Happy Go Quilting

Quilts and Embroidery and More!

Happy Go Quilting is excited that you stopped by. First and foremost, I am a hobby quilter and embroiderer.  Second, come on in and take a look around.  I have been making handmade quilts for over 12 years. I absolutely love it, and I am NOT just talking about the buying the fabric part either. I have made over 300 quilts of all sizes. I love picking the patterns and then matching the fabrics and colors to them, and can never wait to see how it is going to come out. I put in a lot of time and dedication into making my quilts and embroidery, handbags so they will last for years to come. 

 Disclaimer: I am a scrappy quilter. I use scraps, all of them. I use high quality fabrics, and some quilts may or may not have some selvage in them. This does not mean I am cheap making the quilts, I use all parts of the fabrics I buy. I have never, in all the times I have made my quilts, have claimed they are show quality. I make quilts for fun and to make a little money to feed my hobby. If you want "show quality quilts", move along, if you want a special quilt from me, feel free to shop.  

I am not a quilt shop, however I do have quilts for sale here on my website. 

Labyrinth Quilt, Geometric Shapes, Beautifully made and quilted. 3D effect

Everything is one-of-a-kind quilts and embroidery. I enjoy making the handmade quilt tops, purses, etc. leaving the customer to finish the quilt as they like. I have quilts for sale here online, however I am not a quilt shop. 

Machines and Materials

Husquvarna Platinum MN 1000. Multineedle Machine. I also have a Ruby Royale.

 We have Husqvarna Viking Ruby Royale and the Platinum 1000 multi needle machines that work over time creating your one of a kind quilts or embroidery. I am not a quilt shop, but all quilts and embroidery items and purses are handmade by me in my home. I use 100% cotton fabric and Warm and Natural batting in all the quilts for sale.